Founded by Internet 1.0 Pioneers

About a decade ago, a group of passionate Internet & cloud veterans came together to build a system which can grow to a scalable, safe, compatible, and co-owned IT infrastructure.

Our Why

Pioneering a new digital era, ThreeFold empowers communities to reclaim digital sovereignty and promote collective prosperity online.


Empower Nations

Most countries only rely on cable networks, meaning they lack control over their own digital infrastructure.


Own Your Data

Today, most of the cloud is owned and operated by few major companies taking all the profits and control of Internet.


A Basic Human Right

Billions of people are being left behind due to the IT landscape’s centralized infrastructure.


A Greener Planet Earth

Current IT infrastructures consume far too much energy. It’s time we do something about it.

Our Mission


To Empower Human Potential

The world needs a safe infrastructure to deploy cutting edge technology, where everyone can take part. We exist to make cloud capacity available everywhere on Earth, to help others host and create new digital experiences and to enable true decentralization.

Our Vision


A Better Digital World

We believe in an Internet where everyone can communicate freely, exchange fairly, access educational information, and own their own data. Our digital experiences should not addict nor manipulate, rather empower.