A Better Understanding of Wealth

Wealth is more than the accumulation of money and resources.

A Better Understanding of WealthPicture

đź”—A better understanding of wealth

Wealth is more than the accumulation of money and resources. It can be generated in ways other than through conventional financial means. The financial justice warrior, Bernard Liataer, highlighted that to capture the wealth of our societies, our culture and our environments, we have to pay heed to the notion of wealth as well-being.

But how do we obtain that well-being? We all know the answer to this question – we have a sense of well-being when all of our needs are met. It is not just the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter but also the need to be a creative participant in our community, have a voice in our own destiny, and pursue our own spiritual development unhindered by social sanction. Developing real wealth implies making choices that enable all members of the community to attain well-being. Achieving sustainable wealth implies meeting the present’s needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Digital Twin has been created while taking into consideration the different types of community capital that need to be achieved to create real wealth: 

  1. Natural Capital - It includes the community environment that produces more assets. Our today’s economies failed to measure, understand and account for the true value of nature’s riches - clean air and water, soil and pollination for food, the social, intrinsic and spiritual values of natural beauty. Digital Twin will be the tool for us to place a proper value on Natural capital finally. 

  1. Technological Capital – It includes how we harness our intellectual resources to create tools, systems, machines, arts, skills, and materials designed to improve our lives. This is what Digital Twin is all about - providing the required technology to enhance our lives and those of our communities’ members through collective efforts and intelligence. Digital Twin is only the foundation for this future global well-being. People will support education and creativity throughout the world and give access to material information required to create additional innovative technologies.

  1. Social Capital – It recognizes the economic importance of all the ways we are connected: the relationships, our networks and values we share and the cooperative systems, and all its different components we use for interacting. Nowadays, our social capital is threatened through the repetitive act of violence, betrayal of trust, exclusion or less sharing and caring towards our fellow humans. Digital Twin has been created to encourage the easy sharing and exchange of resources and cooperate with each other on a platform.

  1. Historical and Cultural Capital – Through history, we have learned, and now we are transmitting our cultural understanding and recommendation about the economic and financial system to others through an open-source, public and transparent peer-to-peer exchange protocol.

  1. Human Capital – It includes all capabilities that people have to learn, invent, create, work, care for each other, and contribute to the community. This is the reason why Digital Twin has been created - A project to benefit us all.

  2. Financial Capital – It is the creation of real wealth through the availability of liquidity resources through a multi-currency system and Savings & Investments made by individuals and institutions. By strengthening and increasing this type of capital, our peer-to-peer platform believes that it is the obvious path to a successful economic development.

All of these forms of capital produce the critical flows of assets through the economic system. Capital is the foundation, the reproductive system, the greenhouse that grows a healthy economy. This has been one of the fundamental beliefs of Digital Twin - For the well-being of worldwide communities.