Consensus 2022 Recap – ThreeFold Community Celebrates the Internet of Internets

In June, the ThreeFold Team went to Austin to share our vision for a decentralized Internet as sponsor of Consensus 2022. Throughout an incredible week, we spread the word about ThreeFold, formed meaningful connections and planted the seeds for the first sovereign Regional Internet.

Consensus 2022 Recap – ThreeFold Community Celebrates the  Internet of InternetsPicture

“This article was originally published by Hannah Cordes, a former member of ThreeFold Foundation.”

The ThreeFold Team was in Austin, Texas, in June to share our vision for a decentralized Internet as an exhibitor and sponsor of Consensus by Coindesk. The four-day conference attracted over 20,000 people who explored conversations on topics like decentralization, blockchain, crypto, Web 3 and more. The ThreeFold team shared our “planet first, people first” vision and story with hundreds of attendees who visited our conference booth to learn about ThreeFold – leading to new community members, farmers, token holders, and partners. 

Co-founder Adnan Fatayerji conducted several media interviews and found that our story resonated well – after all, Consensus is the Festival for the Decentralized World. Nevertheless, many of the other projects at Consensus are still using centralized infrastructure for hosting. We shared the potential for ThreeFold as the foundation to make a truly decentralized world a reality. Already, independent people and organizations from 80 countries and counting are connecting decentralized Internet capacity, bringing to life this new infrastructure.

ThreeFold Booth Consensus

ThreeFold Booth People

“As the Layer 0 for Web2/3/4 or 5, we came to Consensus with open arms and in the spirit of collaboration and that’s exactly what happened. We made friends and connected with the projects out there that are truly moving the needle of ‘Trust’/Web3 forward. We look forward to nurturing these incredible partnerships on ThreeFold’s foundational layer and to scale ‘Digital Trust’ in all its forms towards mainstream adoption.” – Adnan Fatayerji

🔗Bringing the Sovereign Internet to Austin

Together with some of our Austin friends, we gathered with 45 like-minded people at Casa de Luz, a spiritual and wellness retreat, to launch the first sovereign Regional Internet in Austin, Texas. All of us shared our own stories and reasons for attending. Then we explored the opportunities, benefits and next steps for Austin to establish its own truly self-sovereign regional Internet.

We found shared values among a group of open, inspiring, passionate and like-minded individuals who formed this founding group. Austin has long been a hub for innovative thinkers and high-tech companies. Austin has a strong connection to and respect for nature. Austin is aligned well with our planet-first, people-first philosophy.

We believe that, together, we’re strong enough to build new regenerative systems powerful enough to enable anyone to have a sovereign, safer and more fulfilling life. And we’re honoured to be working with the people of Austin in the global rollout of the Internet of Internets. We’re now looking to launch the first 3Nodes there to lay the foundation of Austin’s sovereign Regional Internet.

ThreeFold and Austin Community

We’ve spent a truly incredible week in Austin, spreading the word about ThreeFold, forming meaningful connections and finding a new home. Thank you, Austin!

“It’s been inspiring to meet everyone at Casa de Luz! Feeling so grateful for the opportunity to build Austin’s sovereign Internet together!” – Sacha Obeegadoo

“It was such an honor. I’ll never forget that day. We’re going to do something really beautiful!” – Sam Taggart

“Connecting with the beautiful community of the good people of Austin was absolutely amazing. We really felt at home and Austin is a true freedom vortex in the US where people truly value their free spirits and the importance of staying resilient and independant. We could not have dreamt of a better place to start the Internet of Internets in the US and create the first local internet. Keep it weird Austin!” – Florian Fournier

🔗Next steps

The founding gathering in Austin was just the beginning. Building meaningful relationships with local communities to start the next few Regional Internets will be a big focus for the ThreeFold ecosystem in 2022. Therefore, we’ll be travelling to various places across the globe to connect the dots in the upcoming months.

After entering a partnership with Paradise Hills to build the first Community Cloud, planting the seeds for the first Regional Internet in Austin represents another crucial step in our journey to create the Internet of Internets – a glocal model that is infinitely scalable. So, the next few months will be vital for our expansion phase and for building a better future for all of us.

Together, we’re building a better Internet by and for the people, the foundation for a better world. An Internet to regenerate our planet and to empower the collective – the many and not the few.

So, we’re proud to join together to build the future we want to live in – whether by building or buying a 3Node, by buying the ThreeFold Token (TFT), or by helping us bring the sovereign Internet to your community or region.

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