Unveiling Farming Pools

Farming Pools mark a significant step towards ensuring reliability, fairness, and robust governance within our ecosystem.

Unveiling Farming PoolsPicture

With version 4.0 upcoming, and a move towards commercialization, we are embracing several new strategies to ensure more reliability and trust. Farming Pools are an innovative mechanism designed to foster better governance and equitable participation within our network.

Farming Pools represent a shift in our ecosystem. Every version 4.0 Farmer will need to join a Farming Pool, marking a collective commitment to uphold stringent service level agreements. These agreements will encompass crucial aspects like uptime, response time, and available bandwidth. Furthermore, adherence to a service agreement and specific terms and conditions is paramount, ensuring a standardized quality of service across the network.

Empowering our Farmers, the introduction of Farming Pools grants them the authority to set pricing for their offered services. Whether it’s storage, network capabilities, or computing capacity, Farmers hold the reins in determining the value they provide.

In addition, Farmers will now have the option to stake tokens on their farms. This strategic staking mechanism introduces an additional layer of accountability — a ‘slashing’ mechanism. In the event of failing to meet the agreed-upon service level commitments, a proportion of their stake may be forfeited. This not only incentivizes reliability but also fortifies the overall quality and dependability of our network.

Central to the Farming Pools is a regulated approach. It provides a centralized platform facilitating staking, token holding, as well as regulated buying and selling of tokens. This centralized stance ensures oversight and governance while maintaining the decentralized ethos that defines our network.

Farming Pools, therefore, mark a significant step towards ensuring reliability, fairness, and robust governance within our ecosystem. By uniting Farmers under stringent agreements, empowering them to set prices, and introducing accountability through token staking, we fortify the foundation of a network built upon trust, integrity, and collective responsibility.

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