A Glimpse into the Future of the TFT Ecosystem

We truly believe in decentralization. So, the team is doing some incredible work on developing our own DeFi solutions. They’re aimed at providing a native financial system for the Internet of Internets and strengthening the foundation of the ecosystem by enhancing the stability and liquidity of the ThreeFold Token (TFT).

A Glimpse into the Future of the TFT EcosystemPicture

“This article was originally published by Hannah Cordes, a former member of ThreeFold Foundation.”

The emergence of blockchain technology presented the world with new exciting opportunities – from independent digital currencies and decentralized financial (DeFi) applications to smart contracts, consensus-driven voting systems, and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). Above all, blockchain technology held, and still holds, the promise of decentralization and transparency.

But somewhere along the way, much of the blockchain and crypto space started to return to principles and methods of the old financial system. Many projects out there seem to choose hype and fast profits over long-term growth and providing real value. Now, unsurprisingly, we’re experiencing a serious bear market, the worst crypto has seen to date.

That doesn’t have to be a bad thing, though. And it won’t be, for projects like us who provide real value, bring impactful solutions, and take a different approach. The monetary system is clearly failing, we shouldn’t need to rely on central banks – or even centralized exchanges for that matter. And we don’t have to!

We believe in decentralization. And we believe that the future is decentralized. DeFi is great and fortunately, many decentralized alternatives already exist, with thriving ecosystems and communities. There are many options to buy and sell TFT in a decentralized way, including multiple options within the Stellar ecosystem – and we’re also exploring meaningful partnership opportunities with Algorand. Both Stellar and Algorand already provide everything we need for a healthy financial ecosystem and offer various functions crucial for the TFT ecosystem – from order books to wallets to AMM liquidity pools and on/off ramp options. And both have huge, thriving communities.

Beyond these great decentralized options, we’ve decided to develop our own DeFi solutions to support the growth and expansion of the Internet of Internets and an abundance-based future where we are truly sovereign: community-based liquidity pools and the P2P DeFi Wallet. These DeFi solutions will be the foundation of the financial system for the Internet of Internets.

Let’s take a look at both of the innovative features and when to expect them.

🔗What are ThreeFold Liquidity Pools?

ThreeFold’s community-based liquidity pools are a means of enabling the people and organizations within the ThreeFold ecosystem to exchange TFT and to provide liquidity in a safe and decentralized way. They will become the main point of entry and exit for TFT. And everyone can be a part of this.

🔗What is the P2P DeFi Wallet?

As the name P2P DeFi Wallet already gives away, this new wallet is a DeFi platform based on peer-to-peer principles. It will enable anyone to buy and sell TFT, and to trade it for other digital currencies in a highly secure and safe way within the wallet – no need to integrate with other DeFi applications or exchanges. This prevents TFT from market manipulation and protects our community from abuse by financial bots. This wallet provides a solid, stable financial base for our token.

🔗Why Are These New DeFi Solutions Important for the ThreeFold Ecosystem?

Blockchain ecosystems like Stellar and Algorand are amazing and offer everything we need to organically grow the ThreeFold Token. And yet, we need additional mechanisms for liquidity providing which are designed to support the Internet of Internets. Many AMM DeFi pools are great and a step forward but not sufficient for certain use cases, e.g. DeFi pools usually don’t support bigger exchange trades, as the price would be too affected. Classic order book trading on-chain comes with its own set of limitations as well.

Along with building community-owned Internets, our ecosystem is reimagining education, business, governance and more for a fair, inclusive and regenerative future – opening up a new world of possibilities. And in order to connect such an ecosystem of Internets, a healthy and fair financial system is key.

The liquidity pools and our P2P DeFi Wallet will work together. They are designed to improve the stability and liquidity of TFT, and will allow us to acquire as many tokens as possible from external sources. Buying back as many TFT as possible will not only lead to the rise and stabilization of the value of TFT – it will also allow us to build a protected treasury that supports our co-owned future, as the TFT in the pools will be used to provide the community with liquidity as we grow.

The liquidity pools and the new wallet are key to building our own liquid, peer-to-peer financial system based on Web 4 principles – powering a new economic model and offering a fair, equally accessible and decentralized financial system for the Internet of Internets. Additionally, the liquidity coming from the pools and the wallet will enable us to accelerate the expansion and Web 4 phases of our journey towards building the future we want to live in.

The combination of TFT’s scarcity mechanisms with our staking and validator programmes, will lead to an increased scarcity of TFT on the market – which, in turn, will allow the liquidity pools and wallet to sell TFT at a higher value.

🔗The Future of the TFT Ecosystem

We believe in the organic growth of our token and the Internet of Internets vision. So, building our own sustainable, peer-to-peer DeFi system will mark a new chapter for the ThreeFold movement. And the Internet of Internets concept will become a huge stimulator for the TFT economy, as every Regional Internet will have its own self-sustaining liquidity pool, validators, and regional TFTs – with TFT acting as the reserve currency of the entire decentralized system.

Developing our own DeFi solutions for the Internet of Internets will complement the opportunities of ecosystems like Stellar and Algorand, and enrich the TFT ecosystem. The community-based liquidity pools and P2P wallet are another major step in bringing a fair financial model that will create more opportunities and empower people from all over the world to co-create a better system for all.

We are excited for these new solutions which are expected by early next year. Join the movement to stay updated on the TFT ecosystem! 

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