Into the Fold – The ThreeFold Movement

It's not by mistake that you're here, reading this post. You can feel that a global shift is happening. And you want to do something about it.

Into the Fold – The ThreeFold MovementPicture

It’s not by mistake that you’re here, reading this post. You, like I, understand that today’s systems need to change. You know that decentralization is needed for better wealth distribution and equal opportunities. And that we need better solutions for our planet. You can feel that a global shift is happening. And you want to do something about it. You want to be a part of it.

You’ve dreamt of a different world. A world where people trust and treat each other with respect – and where everyone has equal chances to learn and to thrive. A world where we’re not just cogs in a machine that serves only the few, rather we work and co-create as part of systems that benefit all. A world where solutions are sustainable for our planet, or even better, regenerative. This world is not just a dream, though – and you’re not alone. Each day, more and more like-minded people are coming together. Welcome into the fold.

🔗Meet the Movement

To understand ThreeFold, you should first understand where we came from. Since the late 90’s, some of the ThreeFold co-founders have worked on Internet storage and cloud technology. And after years of building, and many successful launches, they came to understand that they were part of a broken system that was productizing people and damaging the planet. Despite this, they knew that the Internet held and holds the key to a better world, and that the only way to have a truly sovereign, secure, and energy-efficient Internet was to start from scratch. So we did.

This is how our story began – and over the past four years we have grown and expanded a team of like-minded and passionate people from around the world to bring ThreeFold to life. But for us, we are still in the beginning of something much bigger to come.

We don’t consider ourselves a company, rather a group of humans helping other humans – and our planet. We believe the world needs to change, and we choose to not just talk, but act, to make that change happen. We cannot and would not want to do this alone. There is a strong, passionate, and growing community around us – partners, farmers, ambassadors, technology testers, other contributors, and supporters just like you.

🔗Our Mission, Vision, and Values Drive us Forward

Our mission is to build and expand a data-sovereign and planet-positive Internet owned by the people, for the people. This will enable equal chances for people around the world to learn, partake and succeed, and will help to heal our planet.

Engrained into the work that we do are three key values or principles:

We believe in sovereignty, and in protecting people. Everyone should own their data, and no one else, not even ThreeFold. Our peer-to-peer technology allows every user to be data sovereign – giving them 100% control over their data.

We believe that everyone should be given equal chances to learn, partake and succeed. Internet access is a human right, and at ThreeFold we commit to scale our technology to new regions to empower the unconnected.

And we unify our practices, partnerships, and products around a single mission – to heal our planet. By making our technology actionable, we enable a collective approach to have an impact together.

🔗Together, We Invite the World Into the Fold

It’s important for others to understand who we are. Thus, we identify with and embody three key attributes as a collective, to show the world what the movement is all about:

ThreeFold is purposeful. We exist to help humanity thrive. Our mission is bold and motivates every step we take. We adapt to our evolving environment and passionately strive for excellence.

ThreeFold is empowering. We help people find themselves and do what they love. We provide support to people and projects that help build a better world, whether they have moonshot visions or down-to-earth ambitions. We aren’t the hero of our story – they are.

ThreeFold is approachable. ThreeFold keeps it real. We’re open and honest, avoiding upstage corporate language and phony marketing spins. We don’t see ourselves as a company, but more like humans helping other humans. So being genuine, friendly, and loving comes naturally.

In its essence, the movement is open and inviting. We’ve created a participatory Internet economy, where anybody around the world can plug in a 3Node and add capacity to the ThreeFold Grid. Together, we’re expanding a data sovereign and planet positive Internet infrastructure, owned by the people, across geographical and cultural borders.

We believe in collaboration, not competition. Our technology serves as a responsible underlying layer on top of which anybody can build and create. We have beautiful partners already on board – and an alliance of conscious people and organizations who share our vision – and we are constantly expanding our ecosystem across industries.

And while the ThreeFold Foundation is currently the driving force behind the ThreeFold Movement, we believe in decentralization. We have open channels like a forum, a two-way Telegram chat, Github (Foundation & Tech), and Twitter, where people can and do contribute, ask questions and provide feedback that goes into our everyday decision-making and actions.

As I said at the start, you’ve dreamt of a different world. And so have I. John Lennon once said, “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” Thank you for dreaming with us. Together, this will happen!

Photo by Ahmad Odeh on Unsplash.