ThreeFold Today, Tomorrow, & Beyond

There's no other project or technology out there like ThreeFold. Let's take a look at where we are and where we are going, together.

ThreeFold Today, Tomorrow, & BeyondPicture

It’s the beginning of another year, so I thought it would be a good time to put things into perspective with where we are and where we’re going.

🔗ThreeFold Today

Let’s be honest. There is no other project or technology out there like ThreeFold, no one nearly as far along as we are. Our co-founders have decades of experience (and success) in the Internet and Cloud space. They and the team developed a new Internet infrastructure from the ground up, including a stateless operating system based on the Linux kernel, which is quite a significant accomplishment.

Today, we have the biggest network of decentralized storage, compute, and network on the planet. The technology is in its third generation, functional and ready for utilization, even commercially. The ThreeFold Playground provides a sandbox of limitless opportunities for open-source builders – developers can (and are) now build(ing) and monetize(ing) projects built on the grid.

Hopefully you’ve been following along lately with community calls and all of our updates to see the major progress that was made in 2022. The technology took major strides, the grid nearly doubled, the community got way more active, and there are some partnerships in the works with huge reach where we can make big impact.

Of course the token price is low and this is less than ideal to say the least, especially for farmers who are running hardware and weary of costs – although a power savings feature is coming! But the token is built on strong fundamentals and our efforts are focused on creating a balanced and sustainable token economy for the long-term.

🔗ThreeFold Tomorrow

In the coming days we’ll be announcing a super exciting project (ThreeFold Grid Services) from the ThreeFold team with the following purpose:

To prove that the current state of the ThreeFold Grid is enough on top of which to start an end-user facing commercial business. We will release a suite of grid services with fiat gateways and we will also create content that explains in steps how to use the technical building blocks to put it all together to create your own solution / service.

Within Q1 we also aim to expose one or several partnerships with the potential to impact millions of people in emerging / developing countries.

We have ThreeFold Ventures coming as well, different businesses or arms of ThreeFold including OurPhone that create a holistic ecosystem for a more fair and equal world.

Then there’s the Internet of Internets (Regional Internet) model which will come to life this year, and Digital Twin. And more – this is not comprehensive – but you get the picture.

🔗ThreeFold Beyond

ThreeFold is the foundation for people around the world to live in true digital sovereignty, for people who today do not have affordable access to education, communication, and financial tools to gain access. ThreeFold can impact industries from Internet to banking to education to supply chain and more. The possibilities are really limitless, let your imagine run wild. ThreeFold can change the world.

🔗Our Future Is up to All of Us

I’ve said this before, I’ll say it again (and again) … A decentralized movement is all about decentralized action and participation. And participation comes in all shapes and sizes. Together, we all need to act and push this into the world. Everyone in this community is empowered to help the project succeed though their own initiatives. The team is of course happy to offer support through technical help and even token grants. ThreeFold will be a success if people continue to choose to believe it is important and dedicate their energy towards it.

ThreeFold can and needs to be a complete, end-to-end decentralized ecosystem empowering all its members to build and create. We have everything we need, and if we don’t, let’s solve it. Most importantly, we have each other. Let’s do this.

If you want to get involved, the forum, two-way chat, farmers chat, and library / manual are great places to get started.