ThreeFold Weekly! April 26th, 2022 (Vol 15)

Welcome to the 15th edition of ThreeFold Weekly. Let’s dive into last week’s highlights in the ThreeFold universe.

ThreeFold Weekly! April 26th, 2022 (Vol 15)Picture

“This article was originally published by Hannah Cordes, a former member of ThreeFold Foundation.”

🔗Major ThreeFold News:

  • We officially released ThreeFold Grid V3.0.0 Alpha-5! There are various upgrades, improvements and fixes to different ThreeFold Grid components like the TFT shop, Zero-OS, the Playground and more.

🔗Community updates:

  • Watch the recording of the April 19th ThreeFold Community Call! We covered topics including ThreeFold’s strategic goals, the Paradise Hills model, the latest ThreeFold Grid release, what’s coming soon, and token activities.

  • Only 7 L2 validator spots remain. As for L0 validator applicants, please follow the verification process to secure your spot!

  • We have a few new videos up on YouTube! Be sure to subscribe to our channel to stay in-the-know as new content is posted.

🔗Technology Developments: 

  • As of ThreeFold Grid V3.0.0 Alpha-5, we are supporting the deployment of dedicated nodes.

  • On the new TFT Shop release, we’re giving users the option to buy TFT with fiat currency via the integration of a (third-party) widget.

  • The new feature release of TF Connect App includes new features such as enabling users to sign documents on the app directly, and many other backend improvements.

  • Read the full ThreeFold Grid V3.0.0 Alpha-5 update here!

🔗ThreeFold Grid:

  • The deadline for V3 migration is set for the 1st of May, so we urge you to migrate all 3Nodes asap. The migration process is quite simple and fast.

  • There has been a discussion about farming rewards V2 vs. V3. Take a look at this post for a comparison.

  • The new global 3Node marketplace was launched. Check it out here!

  • The global shipping of Titan orders continues, although there is a pause in Europe due to provisioning delays. For specific questions about your order, please reach out to the support team.

Until next time, ThreeFolders!  🙌 

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