ThreeFold Weekly! May 24th, 2022 (Vol 19)

Welcome to the 19th edition of ThreeFold Weekly! Here’s what happened in the ThreeFold universe last week.

ThreeFold Weekly! May 24th, 2022 (Vol 19)Picture

“This article was originally published by Hannah Cordes, a former member of ThreeFold Foundation.”

🔗Community Updates:

  • On the UAE Tech Podcast, ThreeFold co-founder Weynand Kuijpers explains how Threefold works in simple terms and why an Internet by the people for the people is so important. Tune in here!

  • Give this conversation between Kyle Ellicott and Scott Yeager a read. The two cover a lot of topics – from Scott’s experience as a DIY farmer and his journey into ThreeFold to advice for fellow farmers.

  • Some of the team and members of the ThreeFold ecosystem finished two weeks of gatherings on the Nile to educate and evangelize. With new advocates for the ThreeFold movement (e.g. farmers, investors) by our side, we’ll continue to build a better future through the Internet of Internets.

  • We just launched our new ThreeFold Podcast. Listen to the first four episodes here!

🔗Technology Developments:

  • Curious about what the team has been up to in May? Check out the highlights shared in this update on ThreeFold Grid V3.0.0 Alpha-6!

🔗ThreeFold Grid:

  • To learn how to verify your 3Nodes’ payouts on Stellar Blockchain, read this post!

  • If you ordered a Titan but have not yet received it, please make sure you have created your V3 farm to ensure quick delivery. Global Titan shipping is ongoing in all regions! Our support team is available via or on the ThreeFold Connect app with any questions.

  • And if you’re an existing farmer, we urge you to migrate 3Nodes to V3 asap. It just takes a few steps, the migration process is quite simple and fast.

Until next week, ThreeFolders! 🙌

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