ThreeFold Weekly! June 15th, 2022 (Vol 21)

Welcome to the 21st edition of ThreeFold Weekly. It’s been a big week! Let’s take a quick look at the latest happenings within the ThreeFold universe.

ThreeFold Weekly! June 15th, 2022 (Vol 21)Picture

🔗Community Updates:

  • The team spent a few eventful days in Austin, Texas, to celebrate the festival of the decentralized world: Consensus by CoinDesk. Over four days, we met hundreds of people, re-engaged with partners, took part in several interviews with the press, and co-hosted a gathering to lay the foundation for a sovereign Regional Internet in Austin – by and for the people of the Austin community. Read the full recap here.

  • There’s a new episode available on our ThreeFold Podcast. Listen to Kyle and Weynand as they dive into everything from space to self-hosted data centers to the ownCloud partnership – you can listen to the episode here!

🔗Technology Developments:

  • Wondering what the team is working on in June? Well, it’s a lot – including many updates and new functionalities for the Planetary Network, TF Wallet, the ownCloud freemium experience, and more.

  • Also, check out this sneak peak on ThreeFold Grid V3.0.0 Alpha-7!

🔗ThreeFold Grid:

  • A new Grid Enhancement Proposal for Green Farming with 100% Renewable Energy was shared and is now open for voting. Make sure to participate – planet first, people first!

  • Global Titan shipping continues, so don’t forget to provide all information for your Titan order to ensure quick delivery.

Sending you positive vibes from Austin, ThreeFolders! 🙌

If you’re a community member interested in sharing your story or being featured in ThreeFold content, please reach out!

You can find the previous editions on our blog. For older editions of ThreeFold Weekly (Vol 1-11), go to">our forum.