ThreeFold Weekly! June 28th, 2022 (Vol 22)

Welcome to the 22nd edition of ThreeFold Weekly. Let’s get you up to speed on the latest happenings around ThreeFold.

ThreeFold Weekly! June 28th, 2022 (Vol 22)Picture

🔗ThreeFold in the News:

🔗Community Updates:

  • Read last week’s update on our validator programs to learn more about the engineering and deployment status of the L2 and L0 validators. The update also includes a new set of FAQs, e.g. on rewards and hardware requirements.

  • Influencer Your Friend Andy, who has about 75.7k subscribers on YouTube, announced ThreeFold as one of his next projects in this video.

  • Check out the ongoing podcast series about ThreeFold’s efforts towards building the Internet of Internets here!

🔗Technology Developments:

  • ThreeFold Grid V3.6.0 is live on testnet and available for public testing! Get the full update here and join our TF Grid Tester Group now!

🔗ThreeFold Grid:

  • There’s a new 3Node partner for North America on the Global 3Node Marketplace: Duck Farm Data – started by farmer and community member Nelson! Find out more in the official announcement.

  • We urge you to migrate your 3Nodes to V3 asap. Just follow the simple steps of the migration process.

  • If you ordered a Titan, please fill in your information for your 3Node to ensure quick delivery. Global Titan shipping continues.

Until next week, ThreeFolders! 🙌

If you’re a community member interested in sharing your story or being featured in ThreeFold content, please reach out!

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