ThreeFold Weekly! July 5th, 2022 (Vol 23)

Welcome to the 23rd edition of ThreeFold Weekly. Let’s dive into last week’s highlights throughout the ThreeFold ecosystem.

ThreeFold Weekly! July 5th, 2022 (Vol 23)Picture

“This article was originally published by Hannah Cordes, a former member of ThreeFold Foundation.”

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🔗Community Updates:

  • YouTube influencer Tactical Investing featured ThreeFold in a new video and shared the potential of ThreeFold farming with his community of 82.3K subscribers. Watch it here!

  • You’re going on vacation but don’t know how to check on your 3Nodes? Read the community-sourced tips and tricks on how to secure and maintain your TF farm while you’re away.

  • Did you already check out the new ThreeFold Video Gallery? It’s a collection of all video material available on ThreeFold – from deep dive sessions to DIY tutorials and more!

🔗Technology Developments:

  • TF Chain was updated to the latest version of Substrate on devnet. This will facilitate further development and allows us to get code reviews from the Parity team.

  • We now have a new peer list available for the Planetary Network which you can use to access the end-to-end encrypted peer-to-peer global overlay network.

  • Start testing ThreeFold Grid V3.6.0 live on testnet. Check out the full release with actionable tips for testing here!

🔗ThreeFold Grid:

  • Take a look at this actionable guide for deploying workloads on the ThreeFold Grid, shared by all-star farmer Mik, and get started today!

  • Migrate your 3Nodes to V3 asap by following the simple steps of the migration process.

  • Global Titan shipping continues, so don’t forget to provide all information for your Titan order to ensure quick delivery.

See you next week, ThreeFolders! 🙌

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