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Zero People IT is the Future Picture

Zero People IT is the Future

Classic IT infrastructure setup is complex and is not cost-effective. Applications need a specific environment to operate in, built by integrating different technology components from different vendors. Elements of such a setup are operating systems, storage systems, networks, security systems, authentication systems, and more.

Decentralizing the Internet Picture

Decentralizing the Internet

In this article, we discuss the general concept of a ‘decentralized grid’ and how anyone can plug-in capacity to the ThreeFold Grid.

  • Sam Taggart

Sam Taggart

Solving the Blockchain Dilemma Picture

Solving the Blockchain Dilemma

Blockchain technology has the power to change the world of IT. There are a huge number of new initiatives using blockchain technology around the world, with countless use cases.

  • Kristof de Spiegeleer

Kristof de Spiegeleer