The Experience Layer is where the human imagination comes into play. It is where users can access different sets of experiences (social, office, productivity, finances, and more) and where creators can build new experiences. This is the layer that best represents the current user experience with today’s Internet – the applications and services we interact with. 

However, ThreeFold's approach shifts the technological paradigm by putting humanity and the planet at the center. For example, you have only one single identity that connects with all your digital experiences - reducing redundancy and improving your user experience. You also gain access to a digital world that can scale endlessly. 

Put simply, in the current systems you think to get a product for free, but actually you're worth more than a $1000/ year. On ThreeFold'speer-to-peer digital world, you pay for the digital resources you use (compute, storage, network), and that's all. No marketing ads, no data mining, no businesses trying to turn you into a product. Experience true digital sovereignty.

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THE FIRST peer-to-peer

Discover the first peer-to-peer experiences that live on the ThreeFold Grid. 


Have your own website and wiki publishing system. It is even Git-based - world's most famous version control system

file manager

Equipped with all the funcionalities you need to save your files and sync with others through your web interface.

video conferencing

Designed for a simple and private experience. Connect securely from anywhere, with any device to meet with your peers.

more amazing experiences are COMING SOON

Many more peer-to-peer experiences are being designed for you on the ThreeFold Grid. 

Development Environment





S3 Archive 

we invite You to imagine

Now is the time to connect, create and share. We invite you to join us in our mission to co-create a planet and human centric digital world.

A true peer-to-peer infrastrucure is finally ready. Any web technology can be used to create the most amazing peer-to-peer applications. 

The advanced architecture of ThreeFold saves 90% of development efforts to implement new applications or convert existing solutions. This is game-changing.

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