The ThreeFold Grid is the world’s most advanced peer-to-peer Internet infrastructure. It can scale limitlessly, and brings a more performant, secure and sustainable Internet to host humanity’s data and workloads.

Powered by ThreeFold’s Open Source Technology, the ThreeFold Grid enables anyone to join the Internet and Cloud economy, and it allows any IT workloads that can run on Linux to benefit from a peer-to-peer infrastructure.

By using the ThreeFold Grid, developers can create websites, enterprise IT systems and store any files using the world’s favourite tools and protocols such as Kubernetes and S3, and disperse their data and workloads across a decentralized cloud infrastructure.

For example, the ThreeFold Grid hosts its software within an unbreakable tamper proof environment, enabling systems to be developed and run without any firewalls, VPNs and security threats. It’s peer-to-peer nature allows interoperability between a vast array of systems and removes the need of any intermediaries to allow people and organizations to build their own private and secure infrastructure. This allows the ThreeFold Grid to host developing environments that are completely self-contained and free from all security challenges found in today’s cloud landscape. In a way, it flips the data center model upside down and eliminates all the exorbitant complexity, high cost and unsustainable models of IT.

The increased monopolisation of the Internet and Cloud by the big tech corporations of our world is threatening the neutrality of today’s internet. Censorship, data collection and manipulation is already very present. People are being turned into products of a big AI machine. The ThreeFold Grid allows for a peer-to-peer (owned by all of us) and autonomous (no humans involved in the system) Internet that would decentralize the ownership and secure the neutrality of the Internet.

ThreeFold, is the only project that started from scratch at the infrastructure level with a super lightweight and stateless operating system that built a full blown architecture to allow peer-to-peer systems to thrive.

We believe it is the only way to a liberalized Internet as imagined by it’s initial creators.