We have added Farming Calculator to our wiki where in the section “Calculator” you will find a link to the most recent version of the calculator.

When opening it you will get the read-only version, to make your own calculations you can download it by clicking: File > Export.

The sheet was created in an open office and we recommend using that for making your edits.

Farming Calculator

The way to use the Calculator is as follows:

  1. On the hardware tab: Go to column J
  2. Fill in the specs of your 3Node on line 4 - 7
  3. Fill in the variables of your 3Node on line 10 - 16 (CPR rewards are 15 TFT per CPR at time of writing)
  4. On line 18 make sure you put all 3Nodes on 0 except for column J. Set that to the number of 3Nodes you are looking to add to your farm

Now all numbers we need for your Hardware in. On line 25 & 26 you will find your SU and CU totals. These bring you to a CPR number which can be found on line 35. 

You can now go to the params tab and fill in your KW/h price to make an accurate as possible calculation.

Once the Hardware and Params tab are filled in you can more on to the Calculation tab. But before you do it’s important you understand these are your own calculations. This is not investment advice and should not be looked at in that manner. 

  1. On line 12: Fill in the tokenprice in 5 years for the scenario you would like to simulate for yourself
  2. On line 18: Fill in the amount of cultivation (usage) of your 3Nodes you think you’ll get
  3. On line 19: Fill in the amount of idle-time you think you 3Nodes will have (means, not running under load this does not mean they aren’t used.)
  4. On line 20: Fill in the either 10% (if you are not planning on selling any capacity actively yourself) or 50% if you are planning to sell your capacity yourself. 

You have now succesfully completed your first calculation and will get a rough possible ROI on line 33. You can change your calculation now to see how this impacts that number.