The best capacity choice will depend on different factors that will vary according to user needs. Some key statistics such as the uptime of the 3Node and the reputation of the farmer will be made available on the Threefold Grid Explorer. According to these statistics, users can choose the most trustworthy 3Nodes to host their data and workloads on the grid.

The right choice of 3Nodes also depends on the workloads that are being hosted. For instance the speed of download and the resilience of the files or workloads come with their own calculations. On the Threefold Grid, it is possible to disperse data and workloads across different nodes. If more speed is required, it will be more advantageous to store the data or run the workloads in physical proximity, closer to the users. If more resilience is needed for the development or storage environment, dispersing the same files and workloads across geographical regions will provide more security.