ThreeFold Grid

A new, global, neutral and sustainable network of IT infrastructure created by ThreeFold Farmers

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Two aspects of the ThreeFold Grid

Expansion of the ThreeFold Grid by Capacity Farming

The ThreeFold Grid is built by people and for people. It consists of independently owned hardware running the Zero OS operating system created by ThreeFold Tech. Zero OS is a minimal operating system that makes hardware components available as a utility. This utility capacity is available to anyone who wants to use compute power or to store data.

ThreeFold Grid expansion is driven by individuals and organisations, known as ThreeFold Farmers, who earn ThreeFold Tokens by providing capacity on the TF Grid. Newly created TF Grid capacity generates a token return directly based on the quantity and quality of utility created by the hardware that is connected to the Grid by the Farmer.

Utilization of the ThreeFold Grid

Independent studies show that the consumption of compute and storage in our everyday life is undergoing exponential growth. To deliver on this ever-expanding demand, we need to deliver more capacity closer to where it is required.

The ThreeFold Grid solves this problem by allowing internet capacity to be delivered exactly where it is needed. Essentially, the ThreeFold Grid allows the internet to go local.

Local capacity enables local entrepreneurs to develop capacity use cases in the communities and companies that need them. No need to use centrally owned, remote and inefficient datacenters. The capacity can be delivered where it is needed, at a much lower cost. This allows radically different, more economic and greener use case scenarios than are currently possible with centralized cloud services.

What is the Internet?

The word ‘internet’ was often interpreted as access to the ‘network’. In reality, the cables that transport data are only a small part of the internet. The term internet can more accurately be interpreted as the complete system that processes and stores information for the world. It is, quite simply, a vast network of computers connected to each other.

ThreeFold Farmers

TF Farmers are entrepreneurs who farm ThreeFold Tokens (TFTs) by connecting hardware to the ThreeFold Grid

Two Ways Farmers can earn ThreeFold Tokens



Farmers earn TFT by connecting their capacity to the ThreeFold Grid

The amount of TFT awarded for connecting a farm is calculated at the time the capacity is assigned to the Grid. The Farmer receives 1/60th of these total tokens for a maximum of 60 months. The amount of TFT awarded is based on the potential monthly capacity revenue value in USD and the price of the TFT at the time the capacity is assigned to the Grid.



Farmers earn TFT when capacity is sold

The ThreeFold Directory is a fully decentralized directory of capacity on which buyers can choose their farm or location. The TFTs used to buy capacity are awarded directly to the Farmer. The ThreeFold Foundation and ThreeFold Tech charge 20% of these tokens as a revenue share to fund IT development and marketing.

ThreeFold Grid Use Cases

Utility use cases
Utility use cases

TF Grid technology is ideal for traditional utility use cases such as web content, e-commerce sites, photo storage and music streaming. It allows a more economical, secure and robust delivery of capacity for any current and future online activity.

Storage and Archive
Storage and Archive

Independent studies show that each day the growth of information that we create and store is increasing exponentially. In a nutshell, we simply require more storage and archiving capacity than is currently provide-. TF Grid's technology can be used to create storage and archiving solutions at almost infinite scale, and at a fraction of the cost.

Utility use cases
Distributed always on applications

The future is distributed. Applications will no longer exist in centralized private or public datacenters. Applications are getting smaller and more specialized to fulfil a single purpose. These applications need to live on minimal utility. The TF Grid is designed to allow distributed applications to exist anywhere.

Internet of things
Internet of things

The Internet of things means that all devices will have smart components and be connected to the internet. This creates an environment where applications can run everywhere and data is collected and can be processed from anywhere. In this world, a ubiquitous utility for local compute and storage is as necessary as the electricity we expect to be available to power our mobile devices, homes and businesses.

Become a farmer

You can become a Farmer tomorrow! The ThreeFold Grid is expanding and new Farmers are welcome. Everyone, everywhere! Please have a look at our Wikis on how to become a Farmer.

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