Internet Evolution.

The Internet was meant to be a peer-to-peer infrastructure with us in the center of our data and digital lives. Inspired by the past, we’re building an Internet how “the” Internet was originally intended.


The Layer-0 for Decentralization

Any current or future technology, including blockchain, metaverses and web 3.0, can be hosted natively on the ThreeFold Grid via smart contracts with minimum migration. The grid is compatible with most open source tools and protocols.

Scaled by the People
to the Edge

The ThreeFold Grid is formed by Farmers, independent people who connect 3Nodes (decentralized Internet capacity) anywhere electricity and network are present. Together, they form a globally distributed Internet infrastructure and earn income in the form of TFT.



A New Internet Blueprint

All our code is made open source to energize open collaboration and promote universal access to a peer-to-peer Internet owned by all of us. More than just an Internet infrastructure, the ThreeFold Grid holds the potential to decentralize everything.


A Revolutionary
Operating System

A decentralized autonomous operating system designed to dedicate hardware capacity to the People’s Internet via the ThreeFold Blockchain. Zero-OS can be booted on most modern computers to host anything that runs on Linux in a decentralized way.

A Decentralized Internet Economy

TFT is the official medium of exchange for Internet capacity on the ThreeFold Grid. The utility token allows users to reserve Internet capacity via the ThreeFold Blockchain and rewards farmers for their contribution to the network.