Our Mission

To build an open-source peer-to-peer Internet infrastructure that removes all forms of centralization from the global IT systems. Anything we do needs to improve the planet’s situation and benefit the people around us.


Supporting an Interconnected World

Internet access is a human right and it can change everything for the lives of people as an infinite source of tools and information. Our technology was designed to scale ThreeFold anywhere electricity and bandwidth are present.

Empowering People
To Be Sovereign

Create, store and share in full control of where your data resides and who can access it. By combining peer-to-peer, blockchain and autonomous technologies, the People’s Internet provides 100% data ownership and privacy.



Our Values Define
Our Actions

The ThreeFold Law states that any good you do will return to you threefold in this lifetime. By making our technology actionable, we energize a collective approach towards a single mission – empowering humanity while regenerating our planet.

Join The Fold

Together, we build a better Internet for the planet, and for all of us.


We’ve Come A Long Way
And We’re Just Getting Started

After setting world records in Internet storage and cloud automation technologies throughout the past 20 years, some of our co-founders decided to start from scratch and build a new Internet infrastructure that is universally open source and peer-to-peer.


And we’re aiming for new heights. ThreeFold is turning into a DAO in 2022, inviting developers and enterprises from all around the world to collaborate on the decentralization of everything that is digital, and beyond.

Join the Internet

Connect, share and collaborate with our open community to expand ThreeFold’s horizons.
Bring your ideas and let’s co-create together!