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🔒 Join an important discussion about a proposal to lock TFT value during deployment.

🎥 Take a look at the recording of the Weekly Technical Help Room hosted by Drew, and tune in next Monday for the next session! You can also find the recording of the January Community Call to catch up on lots of topics around ThreeFold.

📄 Thanks to Mik for summarizing and organizing a Q&A from the Weekly Threefold Tech and January Community Calls, making it easier to find answers to any question addressed.

🩺 Are you wondering about the self-healing & self-driving capabilities of the Grid? Scott clears out any common misconception in this post!

🦣 For those who were wondering about the mastodon server being down, Drew gave us an update! While the server is down, it was not due to a failure of the grid, but rather because it was deployed as a test environment - and the good news is that it was a successful proof-of-concept!

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