Last month, we went live with Titan V2.1, and we’re thrilled to count +1,000 orders already from all over the world.

While orders keep on coming in, we are happy to launch the Certified Farming Program. Certification brings more security to 3Nodes and hence to the ThreeFold Grid, while also providing more rewards to Farmers.

🔗More Security For Everyone

While anyone can connect hardware to the ThreeFold Grid, some workloads require the highest level of security standards. Certified hardware can only be booted by Zero-OS and allows for 100% tamper-proof capacity. With certification, ThreeFold is pushing the limits further and creating a new global standard for hardware security.

There are key benefits for Farmers to certify their capacity:

  • Get a certified capacity label: Some developers and enterprises will seek for the highest levels of security. With the certified label, you will be able to provide capacity for their workloads at a higher price.
  • Improved hardware security: While DIY farming already provides incredible security, certified farming is 100% tamper-proof. Now you can bring more security to the ThreeFold Grid and to the people using it.

We’re building a more secure future for our digital lives. This will happen!

P.s. If you’re already a farmer and would like to be featured on our websites please fill out this form. Let’s introduce the world to the farming community behind this awesome project!