ThreeFold is implementing a planetary network, aiming to allow efficient, end-to-end encrypted communication with other participants on the network Lee, who is leading the efforts on this super exciting initiative, unveils the groundbreaking Mycelium project, introducing an innovative Ipv6 overlay network.

This cutting-edge solution emerges as a response to the limitations observed in the existing Yggdrasil technology. Mycelium, designed to be scalable and efficient, propels ThreeFold’s commitment to decentralized networking.

As an integral part of the larger grid initiative, Mycelium contributes to the development of a peer-to-peer planetary network. This strategic move enhances secure, end-to-end encrypted communication among participants, elevating the ThreeFold ecosystem to new heights.

For an in-depth exploration of Mycelium’s features, implementation details, and its transformative impact, we invite you to explore Lee’s interesting write-up. Thanks Lee!

Discover how Mycelium is reshaping the future of connectivity within the ThreeFold network Here