With the forthcoming launch of ThreeFold Grid 3.0 later this year, the world is set to go peer-to-peer. With many use-cases being lined up, we updated the Farming Rewards to incentivize Farmers to expand the ThreeFold Grid further across the world.

🔗New Farming Logic - Introducing Network Rewards

The new Farming Rewards logic can be found HERE.

You will see that the farming rewards were simplified, and are now calculated according to the compute and storage units (CU & SU) provided to the ThreeFold Grid.

Also, as of this summer, Farmers will be able to earn more TFT for the Network traffic happening on their 3Nodes. The amount of data coming in and out of their CU and SU will determine extra rewards in the form of Network Units (NU).

  • Certified NU: 0.3 TFT per GB per month
  • DIY NU: 0.2 TFT per GB per month

🔗How do I get Certified?

All 3Nodes bought from ThreeFold after June 5 2021 are eligible for certified farming. We will send instructions to everyone that purchased a Titan v2.1 on how to upgrade to a certified 3Node next week.

For people that already bought an earlier batch of nodes, we are thinking of a solution for becoming certified, as our hardware partners need the physical 3Node to certify the hardware.

🔗Important notes

  • All certified hardware is 100% dedicated to the ThreeFold Grid. While DIY nodes can be booted with a different Operating System, this is not possible with a Certified 3Node.
  • All certified hardware is automatically subject to the 3.0 Farming Logic. Read more HERE.

P.s. If you’re already a farmer and would like to be featured on our websites please fill out this form. Let’s introduce the world to the farming community behind this awesome project!