Dragonchain and ThreeFold share a common mission of providing developers and the digital world with a more inclusive and decentralized Internet infrastructure – one where data flows and is stored in a peer-to-peer environment, and where applications are computed by decentralized and community-owned protocols.

Today, Dragonchain and ThreeFold are proud to announce their partnership to further empower developers and enterprises around the world to build scalable dApps on Dragonchain, on ThreeFold’s peer-to-peer cloud.

ThreeFold presents a more cost-effective, distributed, autonomous, secure, and sustainable alternative to centralized cloud-providers. Now, developers and enterprises building Web3 applications can leverage and deploy Dragonchain’s Blockchain and advanced smart-contracts into their dApps, with the added benefit of utilizing ThreeFold to completely decentralize their cloud computing infrastructure – and deploy their solutions on the edge.

ThreeFold’s peer-to-peer environment combined with the Dragonchain ecosystem gives communities the ability to build their online presence without worrying about censorship over dissenting opinions, local outages, or unauthorized access to data.

“It has alway been our belief that developers should have the freedom to build without restraint. We’re happy to partner with ThreeFold to provide the tools necessary to easily build applications for a decentralized environment,” Joe Roets, Chief Architect, Founder, CEO at Dragonchain.

Together, Dragonchain and ThreeFold are decreasing friction and opening more avenues for inclusion. The Dragonchain platform contains sophisticated and lightweight SDKs and enables enterprises to use their existing IT staff to deploy code in any coding language.

Further, the Dragonchain developer community can now build Web3-native and P2P cloud-native applications without the need for prior Blockchain experience. Developers now have access to scalable industry-standard solutions like Docker, Kubernetes, S3 storage – and ThreeFold’s Quantum Safe Filesystem – to build applications for a decentralized environment.

As stated by Weynand Kuijipers, co-founder at ThreeFold, “dApps need to live outside the market-leading monopolies and we are proud to be able to provide secure, private and sovereign compute and storage capacity for the Dragonchain community.“

Both ThreeFold and Dragonchain invite and support any and all Web2 and Web3 developers to build decentralized applications that have the potential to change the world and make it a better and more inclusive place for us all.

🔗About Dragonchain

Dragonchain is a technology leader in the blockchain space, with security and scalability at the forefront of its operations. We are proudly U.S.-based and part of one of the most technologically rich communities in the country. We help companies break into blockchain faster, without forcing them to change their existing IT infrastructure. As a Blockchain as a Service provider built by seasoned members of the tech industry, Dragonchain understands the needs of enterprises and is designed to handle prevalent issues in several industries. Learn more at Dragonchain.com. Be sure to stay up to date on the latest at Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, YouTube, and GitHub.

🔗About ThreeFold

ThreeFold is developing a peer-to-peer Internet platform that aims to liberalize what it labels as a centralized and unequally distributed Internet. Its platform, called the ThreeFold Grid, comprises over +600 servers in 25+ different countries around the world, delivering approximately 80 PB in storage and over 16,000 CPU cores worldwide, making it the largest storage and compute peer-to-peer Internet network in the world. See ThreeFold Grid’s statistics in more detail using their explorer here.

Each server runs ThreeFold’s stateless and lightweight open-source operating system, Zero-OS, and is set up and operated by independent individuals and organizations called Farmers. Farmers earn rewards in TFT - the platform’s native token - for their participation. TFT is the currency of the ThreeFold Grid, with each token representing a unit of storage and compute on the platform. Grid users can use these tokens to reserve the storage and compute they need to store, build and share on the platform’s internet network.

ThreeFold’s ultimate vision is to be part of the movement to fully democratize the Internet worldwide.

Visit threeFold.io to learn more, forum.threefold.io to chat with the team, or stay updated on Telegram.