For both Zetako and ThreeFold, efficiency and sustainability are key. Zetako is a company dedicated to lossless data compression, and after years of research and development, has created an alternative solution to the regular standards of data compression. And with two decades of relevant experience and a focus on sustainability, ThreeFold has built new peer-to-peer Internet infrastructure and technologies from the ground up – where every aspect is optimized towards maximum efficiency and the least amount of harm to the planet.

Both already members of the Alliance for a Conscious Internet, a planetary movement of people and organizations that take action to shape a conscious digital world, Zetako and ThreeFold have now signed on to merge their technologies to bring forward hyper-efficient, secure, and private data transport and storage solutions for all.

“The world has been using the same compression technology for the last 30 years, just like the model to deliver IT services has not changed,” says Weynand Kuijpers, ThreeFold Co-Founder. “ThreeFold challenges that status quo, where anybody can now be the Internet by adding capacity to the ThreeFold Grid – and with this, we need a 21st century compression and decompression technology. Zetako delivers that much-needed true innovation.”

The ThreeFold Grid is live today, the world’s most advanced peer-to-peer Internet infrastructure. It can scale limitlessly, and brings a more performant, secure and sustainable Internet to host humanity’s data and workloads. ThreeFold technology already consumes 90 percent less energy than today’s solutions. (The company has also recently announced plans to offset energy usage 100 percent by the end of 2021, with the goal of taking two times more carbon out of the air than they put in.)

With its quantum safe storage offering, ThreeFold can now integrate with Zetako’s technology to store compressed data, enabling it to become even more efficient and sustainable. Further, ThreeFold can now do compression live on network connections between different parts of what users deploy.

“We are particularly excited about the opportunity to work with ThreeFold as we believe they represent the future of data transmission & storage,” says Claus Rosenberg Gotthard, CEO of Zetako. “It’s the right place to implement Zetako’s innovative technologies of bit-by-bit compression.”

In the short term, Zetako and ThreeFold will work on a project basis to fulfill specific organization requirements. Zetako provides the compression, and ThreeFold provides the compute and storage. As an example, with COVID-19 and the world moving increasingly digital, congesting the network, people and businesses that need a way to transfer large files quickly will now have a much more efficient way to do so. And in the longer term, the two will explore more ways to deeply integrate their technologies and provide broader solutions to the world.

🔗About Zetako

Zetako is dedicated to reducing energy usage & CO2 emission for the transmission & storage of data by applying a new more efficient lossless data compression technology.

We have developed a new mathematical theory based on Statistical Predictive modeling and applied this to a new lossless data compression technology. The result is a technology that provides higher Compression at higher Speed and uses >70% less energy in the process. In addition to this, the technology is capable of doing bit-by-bit compression allowing for real time bandwidth reduction. The technology does not need a prior knowledge of the dataset to start compression. This means that our technology does not require the data stream to be chopped up into chunks – we apply compression the moment the first bit (1 or 0) comes in.

You can learn more about Zetako at

🔗About ThreeFold

Powered by open source technology, ThreeFold is the engine for a data-sovereign and planet-positive peer-to-peer infrastructure – owned by humanity. ThreeFold is the People’s Internet.

ThreeFold is formed by individuals and organizations from all around the world that connect 3Nodes (computers) and provide Internet capacity to the ThreeFold Grid. Together, we expand a data-sovereign and planet-positive Internet infrastructure, owned by the people.

Anyone can get involved in the People’s Internet by buying the ThreeFold Token, getting a 3Node, testing the technology, or becoming a contributor or a partner. Visit or follow along on Telegram or Twitter.