TFT Powers the Decentralized Internet

Join the Internet revolution with the ThreeFold Token (TFT), an innovative utility token used to build, store and exchange on the ThreeFold Grid. Through many of its unique properties, TFT opens a whole new world of possibilities that was previously unimaginable with centralized infrastructures.

Meeting Emerging Demand

Data has become the most valuable commodity on earth, the Internet infrastructure is experiencing significant growth.
While the current centralized model is facing limitations, ThreeFold can scale to the edge to service the emerging demand.


125 zetabytes of storage capacity needs to be
created to meet demand for data in the upcoming years.
That is a number with 21 zeroes!

Image $800 billion of revenue is expected for the cloud market by 2025
Image   Over seventy billion new devices are expected to be online by 2025
Image   Over one billion people are still expected to get digital access by 2025

The Missing Layer

While many projects have created bits and pieces of what a decentralized Internet would look like, ThreeFold is decentralizing the entire Internet model. The blockchain world is missing this decentralized foundational layer. ThreeFold provides the peer-to-peer Internet infrastructure to interconnect the entire blockchain and web3 space.



The Currency of the Decentralized Internet

TFT is a utility token that allows people to hold current and future Internet capacity on the ThreeFold Grid. It incentivizes an open ecosystem where anyone can connect and utilize Internet capacity without any intermediaries.

Open Network

3Nodes provide Internet capacity for millions of people using ThreeFold’s Planetary Network, and you earn TFT for doing so. And because of a unique operating system, called Zero-OS, once turned on your 3Node runs by itself.


People earn TFT as monthly income for connecting Internet capacity to the ThreeFold Grid.



People buy TFT to store data and run applications privately on a peer-to-peer Internet infrastructure.

Loyalty Rewards

The ThreeFold blockchain automatically scans wallets and provides up-to 60% discounts on the utilization of the ThreeFold Grid. The more TFT you hold across time, the higher the discounts.



A Real Utility Token

TFT is minted only when new Internet capacity is added to the ThreeFold Grid. A limited supply of 4 Billion TFT has been set to ensure the value keeps steady for the years to come with rising demand for a decentralized Internet.

Burn and Farm

Burning permanently removes TFT from the circulating supply when the ThreeFold Grid gets used. It ensures a positive impact on pricing while ensuring rewards for all current and future nodes.


Join the Movement

Get TFT today and participate in the realization of a truly decentralized world.


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