TFT: The Medium of Exchange

TFT is a way to exchange value within the ThreeFold ecosystem, not an individual product. Our belief is in utilizing a token as a mechanism for creating and using IT (Internet) capacity, which is essential for enabling our digital lives.

TFT is not a product on its own and we do not consider ourselves as a crypto project. Learn about our next chapter.


Build applications, store data and access decentralized services on the ThreeFold Grid.

Earn Discounts

Hold your TFT and earn up to 60% discounts on Internet capacity.

Stake TFT

Soon you will be able to partake in the network’s decentralization and earn rewards.


There are multiple ways to acquire TFT, depending on your preferences. To start, you need to have a supporting wallet to store your TFT. Find out more here. Then, follow the path you prefer most.


Trade or swap other digital currencies for TFT. Leverage swapping services available on Decentralized Exchanges or Automated Market Makers to exchange your tokens for TFT.

From ThreeFold

Purchase TFT using fiat currency directly from ThreeFold’s Official Live Desk, or ThreeFold’s official TFT Shop.

From Farmers

Engage with Farmers to purchase TFT directly from them, contributing to the growth and decentralization of the ThreeFold network.

It’s important to explore the available options and select the most convenient and secure method for acquiring TFT. Always exercise caution and ensure the legitimacy and reliability of the platforms or individuals you engage with to obtain TFT.

Please be reminded that TFT is not to be considered as an investment instrument. More info here.