Build on ThreeFold’s Open Infrastructure – Part Three: Weblets & End-Users

In the final part of our three-part series, we’ll dive into a world of possibilities for developers, end-users and everyone in-between. Find out what’s possible on the ThreeFold Playground and discover your digital sovereignty with our end-user experiences.

Build on ThreeFold’s Open Infrastructure – Part Three: Weblets & End-UsersPicture

“This article was originally published by Hannah Cordes, a former member of ThreeFold Foundation.”

This post is the third one in a series about building on ThreeFold’s open infrastructure. While part one, gives you a comprehensive overview of the Grid, its evolution and capabilities, the second part is focused on the low-level building blocks and particularly interesting for the more tech-savvy crowd.

Welcome to the third and final part of our series on ThreeFold’s game-changing Internet infrastructure and the solutions available today. This time, we’ll show you what’s possible on the ThreeFold Playground today and how you can become one of the first testers of digitally sovereign end-user experiences.

This is an incredible opportunity to become early adopters of our unique solutions, to get a taste of what it means to become digitally sovereign, and to help shape the future of the Internet. Together we build a decentralized digital world!

🔗Explore a playground full of simple yet powerful deployment experiences

The ThreeFold Playground makes it quite easy to build on top of the ThreeFold Grid by deploying weblets. A weblet is a compiled JavaScript component which can be embedded in any site. With ThreeFold, it basically establishes a private environment running inside your browser, and allows you to share it – while you maintain full control of all activities happening there by using your private key, and with full decentralization.

On the TF Playground, a variety of applications are made available and deployable within just a few clicks, all on top of a fully decentralized peer-to-peer Internet infrastructure. From Virtual Machines to Kubernetes to Presearch Nodes, CapRover, ownCloud, and more – the playground allows you to build in a truly decentralized environment. Essentially, the Playground is an ever-expanding ecosystem of easily-deployable weblets that are built for a decentralized future. It’s the fastest way to build, test, and deploy and enables pretty much anyone to build and experiment with deployment on the Grid. So, this is huge!

Visit the TF Playground to explore the possibilities and read this post to find out what the new version 3.7.0 of the Playground – now live on testnet – has to offer. Dive right in and get started on the TF Grid today!

Here are a few examples of the weblets available on the Playground:


Presearch is a longstanding partner of ThreeFold and one of the most popular solutions offered on the Grid. As of the Grid v3.6 release, any 3Node can now host a Presearch node – so if you’re a ThreeFold farmer, it’s now become quite easy for you to host Presearch on your own node. Simply follow this deployment guide to get decentralized search on top of a truly decentralized infrastructure!


Leverage the entire CapRover app catalogue even faster and easier and deploy CapRover apps on the ThreeFold Grid. You’ll benefit from full decentralization, energy efficiency and affordability. CapRover is a powerful platform for app deployment and thanks to our CapRover weblet, you’re able to deploy anything you want on top of the ThreeFold Grid!

🔗NEW: Subsquid (testnet)

The latest addition to the ThreeFold Playground is Subsquid, Web3’s premier API framework which is supercharging decentralized apps across more than 30 chains. Basically, you can think of Subsquid as an ETL (extract, transform, load) tool, with a GraphQL server included. With Grid v3.7.0 live on testnet, you can now pre-process and decode raw chain data and store it for easier access by the query nodes by deploying your own Subsquid instance on the Grid’s testnet within just a few clicks here.

So with the ThreeFold Playground, ThreeFold is building a vast ecosystem of advanced deployment experiences and opening up a world of possibilities – allowing anyone to build, test and deploy easily and within a few clicks.

And the best thing about the playground? It’s already been available for a while and continuously being improved and extended!

🔗How to achieve digital sovereignty with a set of end-user experiences

“Through simple, secure, and scalable technology, ThreeFold empowers millions to invent and explore new experiences.“ – Kristof de Spiegeleer

We’ve entered the third phase of our journey towards our ultimate vision of a better future – the phase of Web 4. In addition to fully comprehensive decentralized edge cloud solutions, the ThreeFold ecosystem is also developing a range of applications and experiences across IoT, metaverse, blockchain, DeFi, banking, education and beyond.

Throughout this phase – which has only just begun – a multitude of valuable and meaningful experiences are being built by the ThreeFold ecosystem and partners to empower people with equal chances to learn, create, and thrive in a decentralized digital economy – what we like to call an abundance-based future for humanity.

The first roll-out of the third phase will empower people to become fully self-sovereign thanks to ThreeFold’s Digital Twin technology and a variety of decentralized alternatives to popular applications and tools. 

🔗FreeFlow Twin

The Digital Twin technology provides each user with a unique digital identity that can serve as the key to an open, self-sovereign and complete digital future. This solution was designed with a very simple objective in mind: everyone should be the center of their entire digital life. It represents your digital self and hosts your entire digital life in a secure and private way – empowering you to own your data and offering you decentralized applications that enable you to maintain your sovereignty. For end users, owning their own deployments opens the possibility for a full range of experiences that have the same quality as crypto – self custody.

With Grid V3.7.0, ThreeFold’s all-in-one decentralized productivity tool that includes instant messaging, video call, social, and data storage features – formerly known as Uhuru – is being rebranded to FreeFlow Twin. It brings sovereign and secure alternatives to many of the centralized solutions we use every day like Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Chrome, Zoom and many more.

FreeFlow Twin will be part of an ecosystem of decentralized alternatives called FreeFlow Life. Find more information on the experiences, how to start testing now and where to share your feedback here!

This paradigm shift is a pretty big deal, isn’t it?

🔗DeFi Solutions

We’ve also decided to develop our own DeFi solutions to support the growth and expansion of the Internet of Internets and an abundance-based future where we are truly sovereign: community-based liquidity pools and the P2P DeFi Wallet – both expected early next year. Learn more about the upcoming solutions here!

🔗The Grid is open – an invitation to build, deploy and test

ThreeFold’s open Internet infrastructure is fully peer-to-peer, decentralized and super reliable. It already offers a multitude of solutions for developers, end-users and everyone in-between. And the Grid and the solutions offered are ready for the community to build, deploy and test, as we continue to collectively build, advance and expand.

And while we’ve collectively already built a lot and achieved crucial milestones towards realizing our ultimate goals, we’re also just the beginning of the third phase of our exciting journey with many ambitions and goals still ahead.

While we’re still in a spot where we can be considered a hidden gem and being way undervalued, remember this: ThreeFold is inevitable. We are visionaries, building the plane in the air. We are confident in growing the project in a real and authentic way. We have a strong plan and vision. Our technology is needed. The underlying foundation is functional and ready. Now, it’s up to the believers to build, test and deploy the solutions we need for a better world. And together, we build. Together, we can achieve the extraordinary and provide better alternatives for people, enterprises and governments.

We not only invite you to come see what’s possible. We invite you to get involved. What are you waiting for?

Start exploring and using the many solutions on the ThreeFold Grid today – whether by deploying a weblet, testing the FreeFlow Twin or simply joining our testing group!

Not sure where to start? Dive into the manual and learn more about testing the ThreeFold Grid.